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The United States of America is now at a crossroads that every empire has faced. And for those who are unaware, yes, the United States of America is an empire and uses the largest military and diplomatic force the world has ever seen to defended that empire. It combines the British ingenuity for trade with a more deeply held liberalism and has continent-sized resources. Like the Romans, it has an attractive culture. Like the Mongols, it can wield destruction. Like the Arabs, it has spread a universal ideology across the globe. Like the Persian Empires, America combines different cultures and links together regions.

With that said, the United States must also acknowledge the faults of previous empires if it is not to repeat them. Despite its overwhelmingly strong military, Rome fell. Internal divisions and squabbling can kill even the most powerful empires. The Persians were conquered not because they were weak, but because their leadership failed. Although the Mongols could win wars, they could not win the peace, and ultimately, they failed to establish themselves permanently anywhere. The Arabs spawned a successful civilization, but the positive aspects of it were taken over by newcomers who relegated the Arabs to subservience. And finally, the British were exhausted in trying to uphold their interests, global order, and the European system, trying to do too many things at once, while also burning themselves out. Now, like all of those above, America is facing the pains of an empire.

A National Divorce - There Once Was A Dream Called America
2018 Edition
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Publish Date Jan 04, 2018

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The challenges and crises brought about by this crossroad America is now facing breakdowns to seven fundamental questions. What were these questions the 2016 Presidential and Congressional elections would answer?

1. Will Americans vote for those who want to restore the power of state and federal government back to the American citizens or allow the continuation of the United States of America transformation into the Corporate States of America run by a wealth oligarchy?

2. Will Americans vote for those who want to stop the 40-year decline of the middle class or allow the income and wealth inequality gap to grow even wider between the top 1%(3.1 million plus individuals) and everyone else in the 99% (315,000,000 plus Americans)?

3. Will Americans vote for those who want to reinvest in the American people and America infrastructure or live with the deadly consequences and economic cost of inaction?

4. Will Americans vote for those who want to implement a comprehensive immigration strategy that modernizes the visa system, embraces diversity and harnesses the ingenuity and hard work of those aspiring to become Americans or allow the existing system to become a means of turning millions of men, women, and children into second class citizens that will be fined (taxed), have no representation, no protection from exploitation and forced to live with the constant threat of deportation?

5. Will Americans vote for those who want to embrace a defense budget and foreign policy that reflects a goal of diplomatic solutions before military action, zero tolerance for ethnic cleansing, and the promotion of international coalitions designed to create a lasting peace or a defense budget and foreign policy of military adventurism and continuous conflict which will consume even larger portions of the US GDP and American lives?

6. Will Americans vote for those who want to create an atmosphere that affirms the value of people of color, gender equality, LGBT rights, and separation of Church and State through policies that address the physical, political, legal, economic, and social violence waged against such groups and individuals or allow the culture war predictable lines of division; racism, policing, religion, demographic and regional baggage to fester and grow into an America on the verge of an unprecedented domestic upheaval?

7. Will Americans vote for those who want to instill confidence in citizens and ensure those in power are being held responsible for their actions by implementing new transparency legislation for government officials or who assert that transparency results in government indecision, poor performance, and stalemate and want to return to American political system back to the pre-progressive reform era?

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