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There once was a dream called America.

   In order to change the calamitous trajectory most Americans feel the country is headed toward, A National Divorce makes the case that a radically new way of thinking is required, Progressive Social Capitalism. It proposes practical, detailed, and implementable solutions to the major problems and issues facing the American people with the goal of continuing the dream that was America in North America. 

Published JAN, 4, 2018


The Adjudication

 The ballots have been cast, and the results are. By the slimiest of margins and the Republic has survived. Can the Dream be salvaged or is this just a reprieved and the beginning of the end. Fulfill the Dream or end the Nightmare

Published FEB 23, 2021

Superbly written, sophisticated and thought-provoking. They may well change how you think and talk about politics.

Important and timely books. . . . The ideas are controversial but they make you think.

The Progressive Pacific States
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